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Cut through hordes of unrelenting enemies in neo retro shooter Diluvian Ultra

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These guys are going to be big! go check out their retro first person shooter magazine #retroshooters #amiaboomeralready #indiegames #IndieGameDev
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E1M1 Magazine KICKSTARTER IN PROGRESS! @E1M1magazine
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If we reach £8k, we'll package demo discs w/ free FPS titles and demos from indie devs with our mags, cuz nostalgia. Want your game to appear on it? DM us! We also removed backer limits for the top reward tier! #E1M1Mag #gamedevelopment #Kickstarter

What's this? working on optimising the collision for paper2d flipbooks er... yes #paper2d #UnrealEngine @UnrealEngine #optimisation

More on this later
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Always good to see games you admire and have followed for years appreciate the work you do! Thanks for the shout out @ProdeusGame keep up the great work, we dig your style! 😀 #boomershootersunite diluviangame photo

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